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Animamundi 2017: nel poster, l’omaggio di Regina Pessoa al Brasile e all’arte di J.Borges

Animamundi 2017: nel poster, l’omaggio di Regina Pessoa al Brasile e all’arte di J.Borges

“This year I was honoured by Animamundi’s invitation to design its 2017 Poster Edition, celebrating the 25th Festival edition.

I have a great respect, admiration and affection for this Festival, its 4 directors and for Brazil… as Portuguese, I feel a strong link with this magical country, warm and cheerful and at the same time still mysterious, with an strong and ancestral culture.

So, for the design from the beginning my proposal was to use the characters and aesthetics of the Brazilian traditional woodcut of the popular “cordel” literature, which I like a lot and feel great affinity as myself I use engraving style in my own films.
And, in this form of Brazilian Folk Art its maximum exponent is undoubtedly Mr. J. Borges (José Francisco Borges). I have a great admiration and respect for this artist ans his his work. I thought it would be a good way to honor the culture, art and imaginary of Brazil.

My intention was to make a festive poster, alluding to celebration and to the great Carnival Festivity. My starting point was to imagine that the characters present were ordinary people, in characters from Brazilian popular culture for the Carnival. Thus, the animals and Iemanjá are wearing boots and costumes from the Brazilian tradicional woodcut.

So, I studied its style, especially of Mr. J. Borges’s designs. I studied its characters, their attitudes and the way he uses the engraving and color. I adapted and Cartoonized some of his characters and created other, related to Rio de Janeiro were Animamundi first takes place.
And always following the woodcut style I created this composition… I confess that I like the final result and I am glad to have paid tribute to the Art and Culture of Brazil and to Mr. J. Borges… and I made it from the heart. (Regina Pessoa)

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