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Emile Awards: tutte le categorie in competizione

Emile Awards: tutte le categorie in competizione

The moment we’ve been all waiting for!
We are pleased to expose in broad daylight the Emile Awards categories. Honouring excellence in the field of animation, the first Emile Awards edition will be rewarded 16 Emile Awards, including animated feature and short, character design, student film, soundtrack, as well as an achievement award.

It’s for everyone in Europe, even for British people! It’s all about you, the amazing international community of creative talents and we want to bring you all together. It’s not for the producers or the companies but for the people who actually do the work. All those people who make animation look so beautiful.  And that’s why we create those awards. Your project can be for the kids of all ages, and adults of course! Become a part of this exciting event to celebrate the very best of European animation. Be a part of it and join us!


  1. Best Student Film
  2. Best Commissioned Film,
  3. Best Animated Short Film
  4. Best Background and Character design in a short film production
  5. Best TV/Broadcast Production (Director)
  6. Best Background and character design in a TV/Broadcast Production
  7. Best Character Animation in a TV/Broadcast Production
  8. Best Writing in a TV/Broadcast Production
  9. Best Storyboard in a TV/Broadcast Production
  10. Best Soundtrack in a TV/Broadcast Production
  11. Best TV/Feature Film (Director)
  12. Best Background and Character design in a Feature Production
  13. Best Character Animation in a Feature Production
  14. Best Writing in a Feature Production
  15. Best Storyboard in a Feature Production
  16. Best Soundtrack in a Feature Production


Lotte Reiniger Award

In Italy the European Animation Emile Awards is represented by Cristian Jezdic, producer, Vice- President of Cartoon Italy,
and Luca Raffaelli, animation specialist and journalist and festival director.

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